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Photography by Gabriela Condrea

Portrait photographer. Capturing connection + essence in candid stills

About Gabriela

Gabriela Condrea was born in Chisinau, Moldova in 1981 to a family of artists, including Glebus Sainciuc, Valentina Rusu-Ciobanu, Lica Sainciuc, and Natalia Plamadeala. She was surrounded by their creativity until immigration split the family apart when she left Moldova (then part of the Soviet Union) with her immediate family in December of 1987.

Although doodling and painting were a consistent activity during her childhood, it was not until her teen years that Gabriela took a photography class at Garfield High School in Seattle, Washington. She spent hours and hours in the dark room experimenting with developing her black and white prints. A favorite photo from that time captured Grandpa Carl drinking a (root)beer without the “root” showing, making Grandpa – who never touched alcohol – look like he was throwing back one cold beer after another.

Grandpa Carl (Constantin Condrea) was also an influential figure in the development of Gabriela’s perspective on life and its rendering in images: he was a well-known author and playwright in Chisinau and continued to write in his later years in Seattle, Washington. Grandpa Carl’s love of life, keen sense of observation, and curiosity inspired Gabriela to interact with her surroundings and try to capture their essence. He taught her to be an observer.

Tango Show at Sonny'sAfter her epic trek around South America in 2009, Gabriela became motivated to show her work and seek exposure. She made the acquaintance of Sonny Newman, owner of Sonny Newman’s Dance Hall, who embraced the idea of allowing her to display her series of photographs titled “El Tango,” taken during her stay and brief encounter with the Honorable MentionArgentinean dance. Sonny’s support for her first exposition, from June-July 2009, gave Gabriela the courage to enter her work in the Shoreline Arts Festival at the end of June 2009, where her piece titled “Gato en Gris” received an honorable mention.

GabrielaA lot has happened since 2009: two camera upgrades, lots of portrait sessions, and newborn photography with Mom365. And Gabriela's photography work keeps growing! When she's not behind a camera, Gabriela helps people connect through movement (Connection through Movement™ & Tango is About the Connection™) and writing (book: WHEN 1+1=1 & blog: Invisible-Ties).

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